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A- Available: all the time

B- Birthday: 09/03/93

C- Crushing On: hmmmmm no one AT THIS MOMENT IN TIME
D- Drink you last had: pepsi
E- Easiest people to talk to: my friends Alicia, Caitlin, Corey, Luke, Tahleia, Carmen

F- Favorite song: Timber- Kesha ft Pitbull
G- Grossest memory: dunno

H- Hometown: melbourne

I- In love with: Corey ( but thats not happening any time soon  lol )
J- Jealous of: no one really

K- Killed someone: not that im aware off lol

L- Longest friendship: Caitlin 

M- Middle Name: Nicole

N- Number of siblings: 2

O- One wish: to be happy In life & travel heaps

P- Person who called you last: Luke
Q- Question you’re always asked: How old are you

R- Reason to smile: my amazing friends outside and inside of work

S- Song you last sang: Rather be - Clean Bandit

T- Time you woke up: 8:30am
U- Underwear color: orange bonds
V- Violent moment you had: i dunno
W- Worst habit: biting my nails 

X- X-rays you had: leg
Y- Your last kiss: that aint getting posted on here
Z- Zodiac sign: Picese